How do I keep my track clean and running smoothly?

For long term operations, I highly recommend the Gaugemaster HF1 electronic rail cleaner. This is only for those who operate analog and not DCC. The Guagemaster is touted as a track cleaner. It doesn’t so much clean the track, but keeps any dirt and grime from impairing the performance of the locomotives. I do find I still need to clean the track, but I do this much more infrequently. I have been using these units for over twenty-years with success. I have tested then with products from AZL, Marklin and Micro-Trains. All work just fine with them. They can be ordered through our Ztrack Center retail site:

Final thoughts, there are track cleaning cars on the market. We do really like the Aztec track cleaning car. While it does have a grit roller, it does not have the same issue as track erasures. Keeping this in operation when running a train can also have a positive impact.