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Chessie B&O and C&O GP30s

Last year, American Z Line released their Chessie B&O and C&O GP30s (62115-1 and 62115-3) in the classic blue, yellow and red livery. In an unfortunate manufacturing error, the dark blue patch of the lower hood was ommitted.

In order to rectify the omission, Ztrack reached out to Shawmut Car Shops. Shawmut is well known for their customer decals and finish work. Jeffrey Damerst took the task to match the color and shape of the decal. It was not a simple task as the cab has a slight angle which had to be taken into account. Jeffrey did a fantastic job with the finished decals.

The decals will need to be trimmed just slightly on the sides to fit. The key is have a little of the red visible. I used a very sharp new hobby knife to trim the decal from the sheet and test the fit and look. I used a metal ruler to help cut the straight edge. Tip, have the ruler cover the decal. This way, if the blade slips, it will slice away from the decal.

Chessie Decal 1

With the decal cut to shape, I soaked it in warm water until it loosened from the paper backing. I carefully transferred it onto the hood after I removed the shell from the chassis. Having the shell off makes it easier to handle. I positioned the decal, then with a tissue, removed the excess water.

I then turned to Solvaset decal setting solution. This is a great product and really will set the decal to the body. It softens the decal and allows underlaying details to come through. In the case of the hood, this would be needed for the handrail and small hatch on the top of the hood. I applied the Solvaset with a brush. I double checked the decal positioning, and then gently with my finger, pushed the decal down to allow the relief details to be visible. I then let the decal dry overnight.

Chessie Decal 2

I did use a brush with a little paint to cover a small line of red that showed through by the cab. But this was minor. The photo above shows the finished B&O locomotive in front the stock C&O version.

Ztrack Distribution is including a decal with all Chessie locomotives that are in inventory. If you already have a unit and would like a decal, we are offering these free of charge. Please email us at or contact your authorized AZL dealer to obtain one. Note, we can only offer one per locomotive as the supply of these decals is limited.