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January / February 2020

  • The Amazing World Of Henri Seynaeve
  • Ztrack’s REA T-Trak-Z build, part 1
  • AZL’s ATSF, PRR & CN lightweights
  • MTL’s UP tie loader set
  • Maximizing AZL’s MAXI-I sets
  • Saxton’s T-Trak-Z modules
  • Upgrading AZL’s C44-9W chassis

...and so much more!

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By Robert Kluz, Ztrack Editor
From the new issue of Ztrack Magazine

March 11, 2020

The Ztrack Dilemma...

We received some negative feedback on the previous issue of Ztrack. This came as surprise to us, but in retrospect, we get it. The goal of this magazine is to promote the scale and those companies producing products. The dilemma is that we also represent some of these companies through our distribution channel. Because of this, an article we publish may seem self-serving. This criticsm is one we have been dealing with since 2000, so after twenty years, you would think we would be used to it.

One article that was called out was the T-Trak-Z article. As the standard uses Rokuhan track, one subscriber’s criticism stated that it was nothing more than another article promoting the track line. But the rub here is that we didn’t come up with the standard. Those who created the standard went with the Rokuhan track for the ease of use and standards the line presents... Subscribe today to read the rest!

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