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March / April 2020

  • Welcome to Cuba
  • Marklin 2020 New Items
  • track’s REA T-Trak-Z build, Part 2
  • AZL C&O and IC lightweights
  • Working car systems progress in Z
  • MTL expands pre-order program
  • Adorjan’s first Z scale layout
  • Newsline

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By Robert Kluz, Ztrack Editor
From the new issue of Ztrack Magazine

April 30, 2020

Social distancing... no problem!

During these crazy times when we are ordered to social distance, I have to think as a Z scaler, this is no problem! See, us Z scalers are few and far between. While our numbers have been growing in the past decades, we are still very much a socially distanced crowd.

Long before all the new guidelines, when the internet was just a way to exchanged basic data, the first Z scale online chat rooms started. This was often the first time other Z scalers had a chance to chat and learn from others. The first chat rooms were hosted by Stanford University. Later, it would move to a new forum concept... Subscribe today to read the rest!

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