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  • Kuhlman’s Viaduct Diorama
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  • RSLaser’s ‘The Grove’ kit
  • Enhancing Rokuhan ‘U’ concept
  • Archistories turn of the century house
  • Märklin’s fall new items
  • New car series from MTL

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By Robert Kluz, Ztrack Editor
From the new issue of Ztrack Magazine

January 10, 2020

Rolling Down The Window...

I am heading through Ohio on another trip back from Michigan. But this drive back has an additional purpose. Along the way, I am pulling to the side of road to take photos of homes that dot the Ohio roadside. From one small town to the next, I slow down and stop. As trucks go flying by, I roll down the window and start taking photos of homes.

The purpose of this trip is capture prototypes for our latest projects with Archistories. The “Turn of Century” house isn’t just a farm house, I don’t particularly like that name. It is far too defined. While yes, houses like this can be found on farms, they are also abundant in the small towns that provided the our inspiration.

What I found is that these houses are all essentially...

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