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May / June 2020

May / June 2020

Finishing the REA Module
NEW run of AZL EMD GP38-2s
FR’s New Scandinavian Models
Magnetic uncoupling solution
FALLER adds stations and kits
Adjusting AmFleet cars coupler height
Easy guide for track spacing
Plaster jigs for projects
Ztrack’s REA T-Trak-Z build, part 3

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By Robert Kluz, Ztrack Editor
From the new issue of Ztrack Magazine

July 4, 2020

Please don’t lie to your customers… if you want them to remain customers

The call came in from one of our customers. He had just talked to a large dealer out of the Chicago area. This dealer was claiming that Rokuhan was no longer in business and the only Z scale track option today was Märklin. Additionally, he claimed the Noch preformed layout the customer was interested in was available only through his dealership.

Well all of this was news to me. Since I am the wholesale distributor for Rokuhan and represent and support all North American sales, you would have thought I would have heard about this. Plus being in almost daily communications with Rokuhan, I would have thought someone would have told me, right? Yeah… what we have here is a classic lie. I typically see this with N scale dealers trying to sway customers away from Z scale. But in this case, we have a dealer who has decided not to sell a product line. Instead of being honest and looking into the customer request, they elected to lie to the customer. This way they can push products sitting on their shelf… Subscribe today to read the rest!

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