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January / February 2017

  • Bartolotto’s kit based substation
  • Republic Steel, a British revival
  • Rokuhan offering convenience stores
  • Z-Bend Track, a sectional possibility
  • New runner packs and sets from MTL
  • Luetke Modellbahn Farm Complex

...and so much more!

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By Robert Kluz, Ztrack Editor
From the new issue of Ztrack Magazine

March 6, 2017

A Moment of Solitude...

As Z scale grows in popularity, my time has become more limited. Finding the time to work on the layout, build a kit, or run trains has diminished considerably. Of course, a busy family life contributes to this as well. But I am okay with that. We have worked for years to get Ztrack to this point, and it is definitely an exciting time for our scale.

Even through this busy period, I can still find solace in my hobby in different ways. With this amazing, warm winter, I headed to the office one Saturday afternoon... Now's the time to subscribe to Ztrack Magazine to read the rest, and to see what's new in Z scale this month!

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