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September / October 2017

  • National Train Show Report
  • AZL’s 40’ Outside Braced Boxcars
  • Rokuhan e-Train Controller
  • MTL runner sets announced
  • Märklin new fall items
  • Showcase’s O.H. Wright Building
  • Archistories’ new range of fences
  • New products showcased at NTS

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By Robert Kluz, Ztrack Editor
From the new issue of Ztrack Magazine

November 11, 2017

Let the snow come!

Wow! I can’t believe I even wrote this headline. I am not a winter kind of guy. Sure a nice fluffy snowfall is beautiful, but give me the spring and summer weather any day.

With that, later summer is not a time for model railroaders. The weather is just to darn nice with many of us enjoying the last grasps of summer. September is historically our slowest month, and this was no exception this year. The slow period even crept in October since the weather stayed warm. But then, with one cold snap, model train season arrived!

I am not kidding, the day I clicked on the furnace, the orders started flooding in. We saw more orders in forty-eight hours than we had seen in a few weeks. Model train season starts in October and will last until May, unless we have... Now's the time to subscribe to Ztrack Magazine to read the rest, and to see what's new in Z scale this month!

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